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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 26, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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ceremosearch for the next george washington and we have to wait for that one but i'm launching a search for the next george bailey. you've seen "a wonderful life" who came to town and didn't know what he was doing. i'm looking for georgia bailey or georgia bailey. i know they are there. if you have a hero in the community the rest of us to know about that would inspire others, write to us. at from new york, see you tomorrow. welcome to "red eye." it is like gunga din. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. what's coming up on the big show? >> when it comes to military service, should gays be treated like short people? the answer is huh? plus, producer slash director slash writer slash actor rob reiner compares the tea partiers to nazis. the story that is totally
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predictable. and a source says natalie portman has had a falling out with her father off explicit sex scenes in her new movie "black swan" and another source who looks like me wants dad to shut the hell up and mind his own business. greg? >> thank you, andy. >> it should not battle me. >> i will drag you into the hills which shall be thy grave and cutoff thy most ungracious head. >> not cool, dude. >> let's welcome our guests. i'm here with criminal defense attorney remy spencer. she is so hot she can boil an egg in her armpit. 1k3* in hilarity was a rugby match, 30 sweaty man would do him. and bill shultz sinks of sardines and under passes. and sitting next to me is none other than michigan congressman thaddeus mccoder. and he is an angry crank who has influenced his tank.
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good to see you, pinch. >> check out today's travel section. a time scribe spends 36 hours in asheville, north carolina. would it kill us to report on a town that actually reads "the times"? or reads, period? >> you need a longer string. >> why is that? >> because you can barely open your mouth. >> just focus on a tight shot. don't look at the fingernail. he had the nerve to say they couldn't serve. by noting you can't fight if you are a certain height i speak of sean belad who said there is no right to serve in the military and points to the ban on short people. ie, my people. in a meeting with "the boston herald" vbielat says men under 5 feet 2 inches can serve, and
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i don't see anyone protesting. where are the people standing in front of the white house. the short guys standing in front of the white house. you don't see it. we understand there is no absolute right to serve in all these other areas. for more on this story, as always we go to cat in hat. cat? >> clearly they are not commenting, probably why. cat in hats are notoriously racist. good to have you here. i have you here to raise the iq level. why can't short guys like me serve? i have no idea. they are my brothers. >> first, greg, thanks for setting the bar so low. secondly, the logic behind it is the cohesiveness of the unit. the standard was set and we have seen standards be changed.
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time adapts as individuals adapt. i for one would be more than happy to see the army take you and make a man of you. >> i would like the army to take me and make a man of me. more ways than one though. my feeling is, remy, you hate short people and gays, so you don't care if they serve or not. if somebody wants to serve and they are capable of serving, shouldn't that be above and beyond whatever restriction there is? i am not talking about if you physically cannot serve. but if somebody wants to go and defend their country, what does it matter who they sleep with or how tall they are unless being short is a problem. question, i'm going way you to agree with the second part. of course, it is a noble, honorable thing to serve this country. i don't -- you are probably right, congressman. it was the cohesiveness of the unit. it seems to have no rational basis. preventing 5 foot 2 and shorter men from fighting for this country, and it seems like a stupid sort of
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limitation these days, particularly with the way war is fought. >> can i amend your description of remy here? she may hate gays and short people, but she will nef stop defending their right to kill and rape others in a court of law. >> i love that about her. >> you know what, i don't hate anyone. >> you hate everybody. >> i hate no one. >> you do. now that you are talking you are a sequential huh maf raw dite. you can only serve as a transgender sex worker. >> a transgender sex worker and then like many other guys i had to be set off. >> isn't the whole point of being short you are hard to see? >> the short people would hide the most. and really if you don't want them on the field, how can you get them into the clerical work the women are not doing? >> and they can crawl under that thing, you know, the thing they have to crawl under. >> they just walk under it. >> they are really good at limbo. we know that. >> here is the thing, women, they have a problem with women
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in the military because they get pregnant. short guys won't get pregnant. >> look, i am pulling these facts out of thin air. >> i can't believe this was controversial. that's the thing. i read about this on the huffing post. the guy who was running was barney frank. he compared gays in the military to short people in the military. forget about the issue, it is a good comparison. he found another group restricted from the military. you would think that was a good point, but they attacked him like a right wing nut. but it was a good analogy, was it not? >> i don't think it was a good analogy. i will get a ton of mail from guys in the military. when we do this story we get a lot saying, you don't know what you are talking about because you were never in the military. i would defer to someone with an expertise, but we're not experts. we are just discussing this. i don't understand why gays can't be in the military. i don't get that. but maybe with short people, and i am short, maybe there is a reason in terms of using
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equipment. >> are they too cute? they would look wonderful. >> short people are adorable. the enemy, when seeing short people, won't be able to shoot them because they are too damn cute. >> they would slide down the barracks dodging bullet and everything. i would love it. >> why aren't we running the military? >> seriously. it would be amazing. >> it would be a sitcom, tiny military guys. the meat head is brain dead. he was on realtime with bill maar last friday night and the producer says he was not a fan of the tea parties or anyone who disagrees with him in general. why? first of all unlike him they are really stupid. >> they are selling stupidity and ignorance, and i have never seen an election cycle with more ignorance than this one. >> nice beard though. more important, according to
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the noted historian it reminds him of something. can you guess what it is? of course you can. it is nazi time. here are the parallels between 2010 america and the 1930s of germany. >> he was charizmatic, and they were having bad economic times just like we are now. people were out of work. they needed jobs. a guy came along and rallied the troops. my fear is that the tea party gets a charizmatic leader because all they are selling is fear and anger. that's all hitler sold. i'm angry and i'm fighting and you should hate that guy over there. that's what they are doing. >> there was all this applause afterwards. it was fantastic. congressman, is it just natural -- a natural reflex to demonize people you disagree with? it happens on the right and left, but more on the left. immediately they draw the hitler parallel. >> it is the huh poke craw see that the left gets called on it.
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when the right calls someone a communist or socialist there is push back in the media that the right has gone too far or the person who said it in particular. when the left comes out and says something like this, it is taken as if it happens every day. as an observation that has validity to it. what it shows is the left has two problems with the tea party movement. first, they believe they have stolen the narrative. only the left and joy bahar goes into the streets. >> no, she goes into the streets to buy a hot dog. >> well, it would stimulate commerce. but the other part is, what they really don't like about them is the shock of unrecognition they dusted off in the 1970s, and it is just as unpopular and unproductive as it ever has been. rather than say the policies don't work, let's try to do something else. they blame the victim and the american people for not liking the policies. >> what i don't get, we talk about this and see hitler signs here and there. people who are new to politics
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often use this. but what is interesting about rob reiner is he is upset they are not walking in step with the charizmatic leader and so hen envokes hitler who is walking in lock step with a charizmatic leader. he is mad they are not doing it which makes no sense to me, tom. >> it is a leaderless movement, i guess. but he is afraid -- he is afraid they are going to have a leader, but right he is glad they don't have their own hitler. i don't know. when he made this reference, i watched the show, he started off with a joke about people who bring up hitler. that's an old comedy trick. you say my roommate is a black guy and then you make a bunch of racist jokes. he tried to inoculate himslef. >> bill, are you a nazi. even you must get insulted over and over again when they keep envoking your vocation. >> i didn't like his history.
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yes hitler sold fear, yes he sold anger, but not many people know he sold am way. these are con federated products just like the regular thing. they are 50% less. and the coffee table i had, you would not tell the difference. >> all right, all right, all right. people of am way who happen to be watching, that was a joke. >> it had nothing to do with his policies. and i will tell you something, these are proud qualities. >> it will already cost me to make an apology. so shut the [explitive] up. what do you make of rob reiner? >> i was stunned when i saw it. i read the article first, and then i watched it on-line. i was stunned. i thought it might be an exaggeration. i think this is what we get when we go to a movie maker to ask for political commentary. i am not sure he actualliment
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to go that far. -- actually meant to go that far. i found it a little uhfensive, and i think he was revealing a little of his own ignorance. so it was a little hipocritical. >> i am always interested in the ideology in which you always have to go to that extreme. generally you are around people every day with different opinions who could be in teaarties and not in tea parties. sometimes when your opinion is expressed it is always, they are worse than hitler, or you always have to go to a radical i'd logical extreme. >> there is a fundamental difference here. what the comeunist under lennon and stalin did was expand the power of the state over the individual. the tea party movement's entire reason for existence is to limit the government that it is supposed to be their servant and knot their sovereign. they are not asking for governmental powers over people lives that is taken from the evil extreme. it causes such historic suffering and death and tragedy in the 20th century. so it is understanding the tea
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party movement is backward. >> i also love the fact that while a congressman was explaining that he was using his hands. you can't see it because of the lower third. so all of the great hand gestures were missed. >> i am about to give uh hand gesture. >> i know you were. that was unnecessary when you think about it, kind of a jerk. congressman jerk is what your name is. from swastika toters to teenage voters, only 280,000 young voters signed up in the mid-term election drive. nothing compared to the 2.5 million recruits they garnered during the obama campaign. it is a difference of 12 teen million 5,000. all of which is bad news for a democrat rep hoping to rely on the kiddie coat tales that drove them into -- coat tails that drove them into office. says the chief of staff where the university of davis' campus is located, who cares about that crap? it is easy to care about obama
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or john mccain and harder to care about meeting whitman versus jerry brown. there is not the charisma factor that this is an oh my god change the world time. all of this begs the question, are we in a tornado? >> we are in the tornado! we are in the tornado! we are in the tornado! we are in the tornado! >> all signs point to yes, we are most definitely in the tornado. tom, here is my theory on why these young people came out in 2008 and 2010. now they are just really high because they are depressed. no, there is no self-congratulations involved in this vote. in 2008 going to the vote was like going to the gym. you felt good when you did it. oh, i voted for obama, first african-american president and this is awesome. now you don't have that. there is probably a whole lot of "gossip girls" i can get
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through on my dvr. wouldn't this be a great time for them to come out and say, am i still with them? this is what i love. [no audio] >> not really, greg. when you think about it, someone who is younger than you, i can relate to young people, and i think that what tom was saying about their decision, of course, these are the people trying to enter the workforce and get robbed. so when they don't find any jobs they get kind of disappointed. >> very good, very good.
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that was nice. >> and i really understood that comment. thanks for the gesture. >> all of our deaf viewers are great -- grateful, you explained all of the problems in a couple seconds. >> college students in general, you can only roman tau size romantic issues. like homelessness or uh par tied, those are the things people can understand. but like taxes, no one cares. >> how many college students are paying taxes or are aware of what is happening to our country? i think like you said it was a very important culturally social thing to do, go to the voter booth and elect the first black president. everybody wanted change. that was the big thing. but i don't think everybody gave enough thought to what kind of change they were getting. yes, it is different, but it doesn't mean it is better. i don't think the college
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students, we give them enough credit. they are disappointed. >> they are disappointed, and they are hot. that's the most important thing. i think it is really good when college students have low self-esteem. they are easier prey for grown men. bill, i want to go to you. you are incredibly sad looking, probably worse than bred far of's [explative]. who are you going to hit on if they are not there? >> to go with the favre thing, i am pro man scaping so i am against that comment. so kids are not doing this because they are disinterested in politics. it has less to do that that and more of on you sick they are of the rock the vote concept. they have enough problem with flea with no shirt on and telling them how to live their life. they don't want p.diddy or p.doody or whatever telling them what time it is. it has to stop.
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>> i take back everything bad i said. >> thank you. especially the fox comment. >> we will take it out in edit. coming up, the end of man kind, but not for millions of years. is natalie's dad mad? it is a gross misunderstanding of the story. but i can live with it.
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so, i have been working on a book proposal and then it sucks. instead of loafing around i move to a more deceptive reel -- realm. we used to link slop with lying around in one's own fit.
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but that is wrong. i read a bump on slop which i know may defeat the purpose of slop. but slop was originally defined as unregulated curiosity that results in pointless work. and that is worth -- worse than doing nothing because you think are you doing something. you know the guy that has crap going on, but he is always broke? if you tell him to focus, he will tell you he does more in a week than he does in a month. but nothing he does matters. he created a schedule to make distraction seem more important. stop yawning. i do that with therapeutic massage. to me hyperactivity whether it is a disorder or a description of the boastful multitaskers is slop reinvented. aterol was about a weakened will. it is braver than tackling the screenplaybandoning it at page 12. the richest people in america have made cash creating machinery.
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facebook was made to replicate college life. four years of sloth designed from learning. i learned nothing except how to project tile vomit. i write this about somebody who does lots of things behind a desk. you cannot do more than one thing at once without doing many things badly. if you disagree, are you a racist homophobic, gutaphobe. you. congressman, you are a congressman. how much real work do you do in a day, 36 minutes? >> well, a lot of work you do at home. you do a lot of work in washington and sometimes when we are with people like you time just drags. >> come on, when you think about all of the distractions you have, how much work is done in a real day, focused work? >> it is about focus and in your mundane greg-alogue you
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said people would bring up the work and they put it into things like swamp shark. >> is it a problem that people want to do things all at once rather than stick to an order? it is like people don't realize there are steps involved in making something. so they just start making the thing it wants. >> i am a big following of gtd. i don't know if you heard of that. it is a cult-like group of people that follow this guy who wrote a book called getting things done. and it helps you to not multitask, to do one task at a time. we are so into this guy that we spend hours on the internet each day discussing his book and going on and leaving messages about distraction free work. i spend two hours a day talking. >> i thought you were making it up. >> no, look on-line. there is an army -- >> i am not going to do that. >> i spend my day talking about how much time i am saving, but i just waist more -- i waste more time.
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>> that's the weirdest story i have ever heard. >> i don't think you should be talking about that on tv. >> and you have kids, right? >> yeah. >> you are tragic. remy, you are a woman, so you say. easier for you to focus than men? >> yes, absolutely. i think there is something unique to the estrogen that makes it easier for us to multitask. i don't know a man, and i have two brothers, a father, lots of male friends, and i don't know any one of them that can effectively do more than one thing at a time. >> have you ever spent time in a days inn with my friends? >> i don't know what that means. but women, i don't know how many women out there who can't handle a phone call, crying baby, typing an e-mail, doing three or four different things at once. yeah, maybe she could do them better if she had the time to do one at a time, but women can get more done, i think. i think they can multitask.
3:26 am
>> not only do you hate gays and short people, you are a sexist. this is amazing. you are a legal defender? >> when it comes to multitasking, i stand by that. >> this multitasking thing is all over the media, and it is dangerous. it makes women think they can do more than they can which is why they are on the highway. >> guys drive like this. >> but women are doing their make up. they are driving and doing their make up and breastfeeding. >> they are breastfeeding their baby while applying make up to their baby. have you seen this? >> they are doing it for themselves. it is stupid girlly stuff. >> it is not multitasking if it is girlly stuff. cut down a tree while drinking a 12-pack. >> just because your my little pony's hair is brushed it is multitasking. >> meat head hated the tea party and she hated the lot. >> are you a multitasking racist. congratulations on hating
3:27 am
everybody in this world. >> i think you are all threatened because you are not capable of multitasking and you know i am right. >> i am not capable of that kind of hatred. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox news .com. you can leave a voicemail at 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from andy levy. he's a jerk. he is. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by clowns, the comical performers known for crazy wigs, stylistic make up, outlashdish costumeses and the ability to give everyone nightmares. thanks, clown.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far. my time machine is working perfectly which leads me to my question. do you remember the guy you met at the laundromat when you were 12? >> the guy who wanted me to sit on the vibrating dryer with him? >> that wasn't me. >> he was wearing a sweater. >> sweaters were popular back in 1983. >> the worst part is it was just a sweater. >> they called him captain turtle. that was his nickname because he was really slow. >> exactly, yeah. >> very slow. >> sean bielat compares to gay with short people in military services. men under the of 5 feet 2 inches can't serve?
3:32 am
the army requirement is 60 inches which is 5 feet even. the marine requirement is 58 inches which is 4 foot 10. and the navy's height requirement is 51 inches which is 4 foot 3. >> wow. >> what about girr caw -- gircas? >> they can be any height they damn well please. >> they are like this big, but they can kill you. >> congressman, you said the logic behind it is the cohesiveness of the unit. you mean for the height requirement? >> yeah because of the way the unit has to interact with the equipment that may be used. they are looking for rationals. but as you point out, andy, by talking about the different height requirements in the navy you have submarines with more constricted space. >> one of the things sending the pictures to a sideline reporter, you are not supposed to do that in the army, or the nfl when you think about it. >> remi, there is no rational basis for the height requirement. the congress eluded to it.
3:33 am
there is a determination that has been made by the various services that under a certain height it may not be able to operate the equipment and you may put lives in danger. >> there are plenty of different jobs that somebody could do that didn't involve the equipment. there would be something -- if you want to get back to this country, i think they should allow anyone -- >> oh, like be a little military clown, like a tumbler? get all the little people in to do pyramids for you? you make me sick. there you are again. >> the military uniforms are not made by gap for kids. you have to be able to fit into a uniform. >> i think this is a little silly, just a little bit. there is something they can do. they can give back. >> what do you mean "they"? >> are you horrible. >> i am moving on because i am quite frankly disgusted. >> the an -- the anger.
3:34 am
>> greg, when you say "i am pulling facts out of thin air" that's a fancy way of making things up, right? >> thin air .com, actually. it is a lot like wick caw peed yaw. -- wikipedia. somebody should have thin air .com and say i am pulling out of thin air .com. >> rob reiner compares tea parties to naziism. you said instead of saying their policies don't work, liberals blame the victims. here is the thing, liberals are smarter than the rest of us. isn't it our fault for not understanding things are being done for our own good? >> there is a sentiment out there from the left that they are smarter than us. andy, we all know no one is smarter than you. >> it is a good point. i can't argue. >> so used to hearing it, aren't you? >> no, it might be the first time of my life. >> and it wasn't even serious. >> in my years of hollywood,
3:35 am
rob reiner was the biggest schmuck i met. >> what did he do? >> i had to sit there and listen to him pontif pho indicate why "saving private ryan" was not a good movie. >> that was not fun. >> but you have to know or have met rob reiner. he is l he is obnoxious. he is a disgusting human being. >> i think we can all agree that "private benjamin" was a delight. >> yes. by the way, reiner's last movie flipped, opened on september 24th and grossed a grand total of $1.7 million. >> he bowled a deuce. >> more like flopped. bill, some people from amway are here and they would like an apology and want to know if you are interested in their new artistry time defiant skin care product. >> maybe, and yes.
3:36 am
i will sell it back wholesale. >> don't just buy the product. get it out to your friends. >> you are not just buying a product, you are buying a life lifestyle. >> it is basically an investment. >> it is. >> can we separate amway and say it is a fine company. they do a lot of great work. >> absolutely. >> one man's brigabrack is another man's petty cash. >> you have said the oddest things tonight. where is the youth vote? tom, you are right, the youth vote was never about politics. 2008 was about glamour. 2010 was about policy, and not as much fun. >> so i am right. i am making it through the half time report with no disputes. it could happen. >> looks like you might. congressman, wouldn't it be great if they had a fairly young guy who played in a band. >> if huckabee could have played six strings it might have been him. >> a little dig at the
3:37 am
governor. remy you said college kids were excited about the election because it was about electing the first black president. you sounded angry when you said it. get over it, we have a black president. move on. i am angry at you guys tonight. i would like to know, where is this coming from? >> where is what coming from? why is that an issue for you? >> treating people equally? >> i am going to sit here for the rest of the show. greg will ask me a question and i will keep my mouth shut. >> i think it all goes back to her date in the green room, mr. duke. are you bringing david along with this? >> he is no longer attached to the clan. >> and he asked how much work do you do, and you said i do a
3:38 am
lot of work at home. >> yeah, it is called a district. >> tweeting about swamp shark is not work. >> dude, i could also say your job is not particularly taxing. >> reading yourett tweets about -- reading your tweets are work. >> you are the first person i said i would like to turn into a swamp shark snack. >> i took that as a compliment. >> and you are the smartest man in america. >> remy, you think women can multitask, and men can't. >> i know that. it is true. >> maybef the women lacked the ability to focus on one thing. if the man didn't focus on the giant yak and no one 80 and everybody was killed. >> which word did i make up? >> yak is a real thing. it is an animal. >> i am right about this. you name me one man who can multitask. it can't be done. >> how about this, i will name
3:39 am
a guy who can multitask and you name a woman in benner? >> marie curry. >> you always go to marie curry. >> i didn't hear a man. did you name a man? >> remy, we have to go. how do i know? a man was talking into it as i was talking to you. >> but it told you about 10 second had ago. >> this is over. go away, andy. you have angered her, and you know what she is like angry. hate crimes all over town. pretty flowers, but not until spring. they are are the heaviest band since the mama's and the papa's. that's right. torch is up next.
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the name of the band is torch, and they will melt the skin off your face and then
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incinerate your skull. don't believe me? take governor huckabee's word for it. he is a swell guy. >> they are called torch. and i am governor mike huckabee, host of "huck could ckabee on fox news" and resident of doom metal expert. i will tell you why torch is the world's greatest band. if you haven't heard of them, you are probably a racist homophobe. you should be in a cage made out of your own bones. what does "torch" sound like? it is a band with more hooks than a pirate convention. it is a band heavier than something really heavy like a tractor or something. i don't know. it is black sabbath meets
3:44 am
with black sauce. it is jane's addiction only scare yes, sir and without the make up. it is nirvana without the depression. it is the foo fighters with, you know, songs. it is heavy, thunderous, exhilarating and most of all, huge. imagine if you wrapped a percocet in a slab of bacon and gave it to a wooly mammoth and shouted, dance, wooly friend, dance. that's "torch." if you don't like "torch" i don't like you. and if i don't like you, god help you. if i find you i will destroy you. i am mike huck -- huckabee and i approve of torch. >> they pretty much sodomized my ear holes. their new awesome cd is available on high draw head records. joining us is the lead singer and guitarist and the basist. how are you doing?
3:45 am
>> good. >> great show last night. >> thank you. >> when i have a band on i like, the interviews will suck. i am incapable of asking questions co coherently. how do you describe your band? was that an apartment description? >> yeah. it was great. i never say it about my own band. >> but people say do metal. but it is happy. it makes me happy. >> that's good. i don't think it is doomy at all. >> your first band was doomy. i bought the songs oi tunes. i -- i tunes. i was drunk. you said metal is the gayest form of music out there. w45* do you mean? is it the leather? >> i think it is everything, the make up, the leather, the -- it is just the machismo, everything. it turns me off. >> it does turn you off. you are openly gay which in
3:46 am
heavy music is an anomaly. do you get lots of groupies? >> i wish. i am clueless to getting hit on sometimes. >> well, you know what i looked at the audience last night. i was above them, and there were a lot of guys that looked like lumber jacks, big, big, hairy guys. i'm thinking this must have been a candy store. >> yes. it is a dream come true. >> do they have to be big and hairy? >> yes, they do. no. >> good. >> what are your inspirations? what do you listen to? >> i listen to effing, van halen >> i listen to everything, van halen a lot. >> i can smell david lee roth coming out of you. [screams] >> there you go. >> one thing i like about your band is there is a lack ofer neness. most take themselves so seriously. you look to have fun and enjoy
3:47 am
yourselves. you are always laughing and having a good time, am i right, gentlemen? >> yes, we are a bunch of clowns. we are serious about writing music, but after that it is fun. >> it is important. your new cd, "songs for singles" why is it called" songs for singles"? >> it was supposed to be a full inch record. we said let's put out songs and singles and then because i am single, you know, he kind of mentioned calling it singles. >> the songs i love, you pack more into one song than most bands do in an album. are you a serious editor? you make ramones songs sound flabby, you know what i mean? >> we have a short attention span. >> the music is amazing. as you can tell i am a big fan. almost to an embarassing
3:48 am
degree. we have to move on. the latest cd is from torch "songs for singles" and it is available everywhere. what does my mom think about stuff fee and singing? brace yourself.
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it is time for messages from my mom. kickback, relax and enjoy the latest messages from my mother. you better not leave. >> another thing, of course i saw "the view" today and they reconstructed, you know, the -- bill o'reilly's visit with them. and it is just special. but anyway, so it is just things for you to look into. i can't explain it all. anyway, no giants tonight, thank god. i couldn't sleep. but tomorrow i guess is another game. but oh yes, today's game was terrible. i mean, i don't know how they are gonna cream the phillies. hope everything is great. i heard the weather was gorgeous yesterday. hope you have another day. bye. hi, this is your mother just
3:53 am
calling to see how everyone is on the program. i was gonna ask you, are you going to have that thadeus mccoder on? you know what i like about him? he talks very calm and slowly, and i can understand them. this is a little jab toward someone i know. but anyway, i get his sense, i get his jokes. and another person that i like that you have on your show now and then is huckabee, except the other day when i saw his program. he talked about the texas rangers who he is rooting for. well, i'm going to say some prayers to knock -- pardon me. so the giants have a hold on his prayer. but anyway, i hope you had fun on the weekend with your sister and her husband. i wish i could have gone only i would have slowed down the
3:54 am
party because i can't jump up and down on the bar stools anymore. now, you be good and let me know how you are doing. >> after it was taped all of those children disappeared. >> a strange mythical powers. >> apparently she has a little crush on you. >> clearly you take after your father because your mother is wonderful. unlike levey. she would appreciate it. >> yes, definitely. >> you know what we are going to do? we will close things out with andy levy. and to see clips of recent shows go to
3:55 am
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you know what, you can see andy on the willis report on tuesday at 5:00 p.m. eastern
3:58 am
time on the fox business network. coming up, my goodness, look on you good looking they are. no offense to you guys. return appearances from cia operative mike baker, mr. handsome himself. and swree diane macedo and nick gillespie. time to go back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> tom, what the "h" is this? >> ♪ i'm backing up. ♪ ♪ backing up ♪ backing up ♪ because ♪ because ♪ because ♪ because my daddy does me good ♪ note does me very, very good ♪ >> what? >> i am a part of this sub culture of people who videotape themselves singing barber shop with themselves
3:59 am
on-line. it is bigger than you think. >> you do some weird crap, man. you freak me out. >> there is a lot of us. >> is that a subset of the g-tv people? >> some of us cross over. if you type in multi track into -- type the word multi track into youtube see there are thousands of us. >> wow. i cannot see that. >> wow. remi, where will you be next? >> thank you for asking, i will be on cnn "headline news" with nancy grace. it is 8:00 eastern standard time. >> when you are there ask her about the box of ears. >> no, i will not. >> she keeps a box of ears with her wherever she goes. >> i bring the defense perspective to that prosecutorial slant she likes on her show. >> congressman, what's this? >> this is the man, my brother dinky who barrowed for the past seven


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